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Q: TopRange is buying my exclusive rights, what does that mean?

A: TopRange will not buy the ownership of your video – you retain that – but we are purchasing the exclusive rights to manage, promote and monetize your content. This means that no one besides TopRange is allowed to do that after you have signed your clip with us. Make sure to not give permission to anyone else, as this is a direct conflict with our agreement. The exclusivity serves a good purpose; when there are multiple sellers of the rights, buyers are given a tool to drive the price down, resulting in less profit for you.

Q: I’ve already sold a license to this video to another party. Can we still work together?

A: When you sell rights or allow free use before signing with TopRange, it decreases the revenue potential of your content and we must take this into account. This occurs because once you’ve allowed others to use it, we might not be able to monetize the content. In some cases, permitting one entity to use your video also enables their partners to use it. Be sure to fully and immediately disclose anyone and everyone you’ve given permission to so we can best address the situation and work through it with you.

Q: I’ve sold my clip to TopRange but now another company wants to buy it. Can I cancel my agreement?

A: If you or anyone else would like to use a clip you sold to us exclusively, we will try to find a solution which will suit everyone. Just get in touch with our team and explain your situation!